Windows Phone Casino Sites

The Windows phone was launched by Microsoft back in 2003, and was initially a very basic smartphone. This is no longer the case, with improvements added over the interceding years, and it is now able to offer its users a very impressive range of functionality, the best of which has to be access to the finest online casinos in Canada!

It is very easy for Canadian players to find casinos that allow them to use the Windows phone to play games, and although this amount of variety is a great boon to those who enjoy online casino gambling on the go, the selection process has become slightly more difficult to do as a result. That is where we come in,, as we rate and review everything on offer in order to get you that much closer to play! The average Canadian gambler is busy, without much spare time, and we aim to help you use the time available to you in playing games, not endlessly comparing Windows Phone casino sites!

Using Your Windows Phone for Play

The Windows Phone casino sites listed at are all of the very highest standard, and will provide you with 24 hour a day access to the latest and greatest online slots and table games, in both free and real money versions. You will be able to access the entertainment on offer no matter where you find yourself as your day or night unfolds, and need no longer try and find the time to sit down at your desktop or laptop computer in order to enjoy a game or two.

All of our Windows Phone casino sites are totally regulated, licensed, safe and protected places to play that will never endanger your sensitive personal or financial information, and, as long as the security settings on your Windows phone are at their recommended levels, you can enjoy the games on offer without worrying about compromising your online identity.

High Quality Windows Phone Gambling

The options for Windows phone casino users are many, and a unique gaming experience is provided, especially for users of the most recent releases. Players can look forward to seamless software integration that feature very high resolution graphics; quality touchscreen options and incredibly rapid processes, all of which serve to make the mobile gambling experience as close as can be to that enjoyed in a brick and mortar casino!

The only difference is that you do not have to commute back and forth to access the massive progressive jackpots on offer, and can safely and securely up the ante in a high-stakes poker game during your lunch break if that is what you want to do!

Play at a Windows Phone Casino Gambling Site

The platform for this smartphone has undergone enormous improvements since its initial release, and many of Canada’s finest Windows Phone casino sites have entire sections of their websites dedicated to mobile options thanks to how popular this method of gambling is.

All the same casino bonuses and promotions you have been enjoying when you gambled by means of your more stationary devices are all still in place, but more often, and you can start playing and winning today!