The Best Online Bingo Canada

When people hear the word online Bingo in Canada it often conjures up images of blue haired retirees highlighting numbers with a giant marker en masse. However, while this incarnation of Bingo is definitely still a reality in many parts of the world, there has been a noticeable shift in playing Bingo online in Canada and players are reaping fantastic benefits.

If you’re looking to start enjoying online bingo in Canada, has all the information you’ll need to get started. From how to play to finding the best of online Bingo, we will only ever recommend online casinos that are licensed and reputable with the best bonuses, so you can enjoy real money Bingo with peace of mind.

Best Online Bingo Sites in Canada

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How to Play Bingo Online

Bingo players in Canada are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding games of Bingo online, as many sites have been established which cater to exclusively playing this popular game. However, if you’ve never played online bingo before, take a look at our simple how-to guide.

The first thing players in Canada have to do is select a site that offers online bingo, and then create an account. Be sure to only sign up with sites that come highly recommended by us to guarantee that you enjoy the most exclusive selection of real money casino games available. Each player will receive a set of cards containing numbers and the amount of numbers will depend on which Canadian online Bingo games have been selected.

The winning combinations will be denoted and then the numbers are drawn. Be sure to highlight the number on your card if that number is drawn, and your card is a winner if you hit all the numbers in the denoted winning combination!

History of Bingo

It is thought that the modern game of online bingo played today is an incarnation of Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia which was incredibly popular in Italy in 1530, and which was later updated to include cards, tokens and the calling out of numbers in 18th century France to create a game called Le Lotto. Le Lotto featured 27 squares in the layout of 3 rows and 9 columns, and 5 squares in each row contained the number 1-90 which led to the modern design.

By 1920 the game had spread to America and was popularized by Hugh J. Ward at carnivals in the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania areas, and a rule book was published in 1933. Then in 1929 while at a travelling carnival in Atlanta, Edwin Lowe witnessed a group of people playing a game called Beano following Ward’s rules. He took the game to New York City and by the 1940’s Bingo games were being played throughout the US. It is rumoured that upon winning a game of Beano an eager participant had yelled out the word ‘bingo’, establishing its modern name.

Finding Excellent Bingo Games

There is an overwhelming range of options for playing Bingo online for real money, but players in Canada should only ever use sites that come highly recommended by as not all sites are worth your time and money. By creating an account with a site that offers the best of online bingo, you will be treated to lucrative bingo bonuses to kick start play, seamless play with top-notch software and the widest range of online bingo games available.

Players in Canada trust us to provide up to date information regarding reputable and licensed online casinos, and we keep a keen eye on happenings in the online casino industry to make sure you’re the first to know about the most lucrative Canadian online bingo bonuses.